Smart Science

From the UCLA – Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

A study published on their website titled “Back to School: Unlearning Nine Environmental Myths”  looks to examine environmental myths vs realities.

…”Rooted not in fact and science but in myth and fear, these certainties keep environmentalism from moving forward and being more relevant to the contemporary world. For my new students — and all environmentalists — here’s a quick guide to myth vs. reality in the environmental space.

Myth 7: People who don’t think we should act strongly to stop climate change are just stupid/ill-informed/ignorant.

Reality: A sample of over 1,500 representative U.S. adults revealed that those who felt climate change was not much of a risk scored as well or better than those worried about climate change when given standardized tests of numeracy or scientific literacy. So if you really care about doing something about emissions and climate, do not make the mistake that those who disagree with you do not know the science or are in any sense not as well-informed or as smart as you are. Instead, think about why their positions make sense within the framework of their social values and how to talk about climate change in terms of those values.

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