The Propaganda of Peace

It has been awhile since this Blog site has been updated, but recent events have stirred up the mind again and the steam has fueled the fire for some more postings.

Just this week: President Obama celebrates the path to a nuclear Iran, as a domestic terrorist slaughters defenseless Marines.

Terrorism.  It is a real threat to those that wish to live peacefully here in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Iranians openly rally and scream “Death to America!!” as they praise the “Nuclear Deal” that the U.S. agreed to this week.  Iran got everything they want.  The U.S.?…  It’s current leaders blindly sip champagne as the Religion of Peace continues to slaughter those who disagree with them.

I was reminded today about this video parody by the “1/2 Hour News Hour Show”  which tries to answer the question, after numerous terrorist attacks in 2007 upon London transit system:  What Do they all have in Common?… It reflects the current administration’s inability to see the big picture:


What Do They All Have in Common?