Immigrant Stimulant

From the Washington Times:

Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers

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Under the president’s new amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants over native-born workers because of a quirk of Obamacare.

President Obama’s temporary amnesty, which lasts three years, declares up to 5 million illegal immigrants to be lawfully in the country and eligible for work permits, but it still deems them ineligible for public benefits such as buying insurance on Obamacare’s health exchanges.

Under the Affordable Care Act, that means businesses who hire them won’t have to pay a penalty for not providing them health coverage — making them $3,000 more attractive than a similar native-born worker, whom the business by law would have to cover.

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Ditch the Rule

Proposed Water Rule Could Put ‘Property Rights of Every American Entirely at the Mercy’ of EPA


A promotional graphic the American Farm Bureau put out to stress their “Ditch the Rule” campaign. 

Ron Arnold writes at the Daily Signal – Nov 12, 2014:

…”It seems incredible, but a single missing word could turn a water law into a government land grab so horrendous even a U.S. Supreme Court justice warned it would “put the property rights of every American entirely at the mercy of Environmental Protection Agency employees.”

The missing word is “navigable.” The Obama administration is proposing a rule titled “Definition of ‘Waters of the United States’ Under the Clean Water Act,” which would strike “navigable” from American water law and redefine any piece of land that is wet at least part of the year, no matter how remote or isolated it may be from truly navigable waters, as “waters of the United States,” or WOTUS.

The proposed rule would provide EPA and the Corps of Engineers (as well as litigious environmental groups) with the power to dictate the land-use decisions of homeowners, small businesses and local communities throughout the United States. There would be virtually no limit to the federal government’s authority over private property.

The proposed rule has ignited a firestorm of protest. Agricultural and business interests, free-market think tanks, state agencies, attorneys general and governors have joined the “Ditch the Rule” movement and demanded it be withdrawn.”..


China sees seize opportunity in the Seas

China is apparently not concerned about the “rising seas” and has chosen to spend millions of dollars to build an airstrip on the Fiery Cross Reef in the middle of contested waters of the South China Sea.

China Fiery Cross Reef

The New York Time and IHS Janes report that China is building an island at least 3,000 m long on Fiery Cross Reef that could be the site for its first airstrip in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

The Spratly Islands are claimed by Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. All but Brunei occupy islands or have built structures on reefs and shoals to assert their claims.

Fiery Cross Reef lies to the west of the main Spratly island archipelago and was previously under water; the only habitable area was a concrete platform built and maintained by China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

The new island is more than 3,000 m long and between 200 and 300 m wide: large enough to construct a runway and apron. The dredgers are also creating a harbour to the east of the reef that would appear to be large enough to receive tankers and major surface combatants.

From the NY Times:

The plans for an airstrip at Fiery Cross Reef were most likely intended for China to land military aircraft that could monitor an air defense identification zone…

To try and stop China from continuing its land reclamation in the Spratly, the Obama administration suggested earlier this year that all countries with claims in the South China Sea freeze building on disputed islands.

China rejected the idea. The construction at Fiery Cross Reef was an example of Chinese defiance of the American freeze order…”

Hot or Not

From the Wall Street Journal Online:

Despite the alarming mainstream media reports: October 2014 was NOT the hottest on record and temperatures and the global temperature are trending down.

..“NOAA Playing Fast and Loose with the Rules,” says meteorologist Joe Bastardi from Weather Bell.

Their claim that it was the hottest October on record is “a sham,” says Bastardi. It’s “an agenda-driven thing.”

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Snow Job

EPA Chief says that the 18 year pause in global warming is not climate.


  …Satellite temperature data, which measures the lower parts of the Earth’s atmosphere, shows there has been no significant warming trend for the last 18 years or so. Surface temperatures from weather stations, buoys and ships show a lack of warming for about the last 15 years or so.”

Environmental Protection Agency Chief Gina McCarthy’s response:

“That is a short-lived issue that doesn’t represent climate…”

EPA Chief: Pause In Global Warming ‘Doesn’t Represent Climate’

Divorce at First Sight

sand heart at the beach

They say that love is blind, but…

Saudi man divorces wife after seeing her face on wedding day

We’ve all heard of “love at first sight,” but how about the opposite?

Over the weekend, a man in the western Saudi Arabian town of Medinah decided to divorce his new bride minutes after their wedding ceremony when he lifted her veil and saw her face for the first time for wedding photos. You know, because people who have never seen each other’s faces should totally take the step of getting married, this could never backfire.

Oh, wait…

Saudi man divorces wife after seeing her face on wedding day


Palm Trees FrozenWhat you won’t hear from the major media:

Record-Breaking November Arctic Cold, Round Two: Freezing Temperatures in All 50 States

A second push of bitterly cold air will blast its way south and east over the next couple of days, bringing extremely cold temperatures for millions of Americans who have already endured nearly a week of January-like chill.

By Tuesday morning, freezing temperatures are expected in parts of all 50 states. (That said, freezing temperatures in Hawaii will be limited to the highest volcanoes and are a function of elevation, not the arctic air mass on the mainland.)

Cold Notables So Far

– Burlington, Colorado, on the eastern Plains near the Kansas border, dipped to -10 Thursday, setting a new record low for the month of November.

– Casper, Wyoming, dipped to -27 at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday night, shattering their all-time November record low of -21 on Nov. 23, 1985 (records date to 1939). The temperature stayed at -27 at midnight Thursday, making it the new record low for Nov. 13 as well. Previously, the soonest Casper plunged to -27 was on Dec. 5, 1972. Casper’s high of 6 on Nov. 11 was the record earliest single-digit or colder high temperature there. (On Nov. 15, 1955, the high was only -3 degrees). Wednesday, Casper only managed a high of 3 degrees!

– Denver’s high of 6 on Nov. 12 was the coldest daily high so early in the season. Only three other November days had daily high temperatures colder in Denver, dating to 1872. Early Thursday morning, Denver chalked up a bone-chilling -14 degrees, easily the coldest temperature so early in the season. (Nov. 17, 1880 was the previous earliest such cold reading in Denver.)

– Livingston, Montana, dipped to minus 21 Wednesday, their coldest so early in the season. That said, they once dipped to minus 31 degrees just one day later in the calendar, on November 13, 1959.

– In the Southern Plains, Amarillo (21), Lubbock (27),  Childress (29) and Goodland (14) all set their coldest daily high temperatures on record for so early in the season on Wednesday.

– Riverton, Wyoming had a daytime high of 0 degrees Thursday.

– Redmond, Oregon, dropped to 19 degrees below zero Sunday morning, crushing its all-time record low for the month of November, previously 14 below zero on Nov. 15, 1955. Sunday’s low was an astonishing 23 degrees colder than the previous daily record for Nov. 16 in Redmond.