It is all about the science!…or is it??

Toilet Flush Vortex Vortex in action.

For Obama’s White House, “it is all about the science”, except when it is not:

Lawsuit: White House Won’t Show Evidence To Back Up ‘Polar Vortex’ Claims

A free-market think tank is suing the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy over its withholding of documents linked to the claim that global warming caused last winter’s polar vortex.

The free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute filed a lawsuit on Wednesday demanding documents related to the White House’s polar vortex video. The suit comes after CEI previously petitioned the White House to correct the video, which was criticized by climate scientists and ran counter to peer-reviewed studies.

But the White House said the video, in which White House science czar John Holdren connected global warming to the harsh winter, was based on Holdren’s “personal opinion” and exempt from data quality laws.

The White House released its polar vortex video last January. In the video, Holdren claimed a “growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.”

The idea is that melting Arctic ice sheets weakens the swirling mass of cold air in the polar region, called the polar vortex. As the vortex weakens, its pattern becomes more erratic and pushes cold air farther south. But the video was quickly debunked by climate scientists and peer-reviewed studies showing the polar vortex is not a product of global warming (or climate change, or whatever).

More here:

Remember: John Holdren is the senior advisor to President Obama on science and technology issues

The Climate is Changing

Refreshing to see a respected Professor willing to challenge the so called “consensus”.

The climate is changing, but is it humankind’s fault? Daniel B. Botkin, professor Emeritus in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at University of California Santa Barbara, doesn’t believe so.

In the following column, he dissects the conclusions reached by the Union of Concerned Scientists in its report: “National Landmarks at Risk, How Rising Seas, Floods, and Wildfires Are Threatening the United States’ Most Cherished Historic Sites.”

How Do You Say “Hello”…in Arabic?

After English and Spanish, what is the third most common language spoken in your State?

You may be surprised.

Ben Blatt at used the data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to create maps showing the languages spoken in each state.

Interesting results as the most commonly spoken Language other than English or Spanish is:

California = Tagalog

Texas = Vietnamese

New York = Chinese

And most surprising to me

Michigan = Arabic …


Moore CO2 Please…

Patrick Moore (one of the Founders of Greenpeace who left the group in disgust due to their policies) is currently touring Australia making numerous presentations talking about the “hoax” of CO2 being a pollutant and driving the Earth’s climate.

One of the best television debates I’ve seen as Moore, debates Erwin Jackson (Deputy CEO of Australian’s Climate Institute) on Australian’s Sky News.

Jackson is in a losing position as the hosts challenge his views about the role of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere, about the authority of the IPCC, and how energy costs of CO2 policies throughout the world are causing “energy poverty”

Watch Jackson desperately try to defend the IPCC’s party line and the “evil” role of CO2.

Win for Patrick Moore and the “skeptic” crowd for sure.

The alarming state of our Secretary of State

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is not Islamic –  and the savage ISIS/ISIL be-headers are apparently mad because of climate change???.   Oh my.

.  .82px-John_F._Kerry

CNSNews – Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday night rejected any link between Islam and extremism practiced by the likes of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh), pointing instead to factors such as poverty among youthful Mideast populations, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – and climate change.

… Addressing a reception at the State Department in honor of the recent Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, Kerry told an audience of Muslim community representatives, diplomats and others that the world was facing “a very complex time, and there are many currents that are loose out there that have brought us to this moment.”

“The extremism that we see, the radical exploitation of religion which is translated into violence, has no basis in any of the real religions,” he said. “There’s nothing Islamic about what ISIL/Daesh stands for, or is doing to people.”

UK Nuke OK


Despite strong opposition from “environmentalists” and countries that have placed all of their energy eggs in the wind and solar basket, the European Union has approved a new $39 Billion nuclear power plant for the UK.

The Hinkley Point UK plant will use Evolutionary Power Reactor technology referred to as EPR which is designed and developed mainly by the French company Areva.  The main objectives of EPR design are increased safety, more efficient use of uranium, and higher energy output.

Currently four EPR power plants are under construction worldwide: One in Finland, one in France and two in China.

The two new Hinkley Point EPR nuclear reactors, planned to start working in 2023 for 60 years, would have a production capacity equivalent to 7 percent of Britain’s electricity generation.

Meanwhile, Austria’s chancellor Werner Faymann says their country is threatening to sue the EU if the UK nuclear power plant plan is approved.

“Should the EU Commission undertake this step, then it must expect a lawsuit at the highest court,” said Faymann, whose country prides itself in supporting green energy.

“Alternative forms of energy are worthy of subsidies, not nuclear energy,” he was quoted as saying by his spokesman.

Hot, energetic, topic:

Full AP Article here:  UK cleared to heavily subsidize $39B nuclear plant

Blown Away by the Lack of Hurricanes

It has been a long time since a major hurricane hit Florida.  Hurricanes were once a more regular event, but it has now been a record 3,270 days – almost nine years, since the State was struck by a hurricane.

It is, of course, a matter of time until the oceans and atmosphere churn up a killer hurricane.

Great article in the Washington Post today that describes why the long hurricane drought is very dangerous .With “climate amnesia” the next major hurricane to strike will hit an unprepared public.

Why Florida’s record-setting hurricane drought portends danger

Florida has gone 3,270 days without a hurricane – nearly nine years and, by far, the longest stretch on record (the next longest streak is 5 seasons from 1980-1984, in records dating back to 1851). Meanwhile, the Sunshine state’s population and development have boomed.

Florida is long overdue for a destructive hurricane and has never had so many people and so much property in the way. This dangerous state of affairs is compounded by the potential for complacency and lack of recent experience. When hurricanes don’t strike over such a long period of time, some people may be lulled into a false sense of security and/or forget how horrible hurricanes can be.

And then there are newcomer Floridians who haven’t ever had to endure a hurricane. notes that more than 1 million people have moved to Florida since Wilma in 2005, the last hurricane to hit the state. “That’s potentially 1 million people who are inexperienced with the impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms and lack the experience boarding up a home, cleaning out a flooded home or battling mandatory evacuation traffic,” writes.

It’s not a matter of if but when an active cycle of hurricanes returns to Florida. In 2004 and 2005 alone, seven hurricanes hit (Charley, Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan in 2004; Dennis, Katrina, and Wilma in 2005.).

South Florida, in particular, is a sitting duck.”….

More here:

Seems to me that as far as cyclonic activity, the climate for creating East Coast hurricanes is currently changing in the right direction.

Once the record streak is broken and a major hurricane strikes Florida and/or the East Coast (as they have done throughout history) one thing is certain – despite the unprecedented hurricane drought: the alarmist’s “this is climate change!” trumpets will be awoken.